what is that in the mirror, or the corner of your eye?

what is that footstep following, but never passing by?

perhaps they are all just waiting. perhaps when we are all dead,

out they will come a-slithering, from underneath the bed.

I am not a good Dalek. You are a good Dalek.

"Such a waste of talent. He chose money over power. In this town, a mistake nearly everyone makes. Money is the Mc-mansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after 10 years. Power is the old stone building that stands for centuries. I cannot respect someone who doesn’t see the difference."

tv meme; 1/5 shows: house of cards
One thing. Give me those big sad eyes. Look at me so I know you’re not lying and tell me you will never send me away again.


That episode was just…. amazing. Awesome. Fantastic

next stop e v e r y w h e r e 

next stop e v e r y w h e r e 


make me chooseanonymous asked: season 2 or season 4


"Fear makes companions…"

An Unearthly Child - season 01 - 1963

Listen - series 08 - 2014

The Borgia Family